Coconut Oil, Ketones and Alzheimer's

Thursday, October 21, 2010

GPS Shoes, Ketone Meter and Coconut Milk Orange Soda

There was article in USA Weekend about some new shoes for people with Alzheimers that have a GPS imbedded in them. They cost $250-300 plus a monthly fee, but could mean peace of mind for many. They are called The GPS Shoe by Aetrex and can be purchased online at or They expect to stores to carry them next year.

There is a new at home glucose and ketone meter by Abbott called Precision Xtra. The meter costs less than $20, but the test strips for ketones run $51 for ten strips; glucose strips are much less expensive. Might be useful for someone who wants to see what their ketone response. I suggest checking the level either 90 minutes after MCT oil or about 3 hours after taking coconut oil or the mixture of MCT and coconut oil which should tell you what your peak level is. This woudl also be very helpful for someone on a ketogenic diet. I found the meter and test strips on

Dr. VanItallie suggested that I give Steve diet orange soda since it contains potassium citrate which could help prevent kidney stones in someone who is prone to them. We usually stay away from these types of drinks but Steve does have a history of stones in the past, so we decided to try this. We soon found that coconut milk tastes very, very good with the orange soda. The best way to mix it is to put the coconut milk in first then carefully pour in the soda - it can froth over easily if you pour it too fast! This could be a great way to get some coconut oil (by way of coconut milk) into someone who doesn't care for the oil.

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