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Monday, May 31, 2010

Book for those concerned with electromagnetic radiation

I recently finished reading an interesting book on the subject of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as a possible cause of disease and a possible way to counteract it. The book is Earthing by Clint Ober, Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Martin Zucker. The concept here is that in our world today, we are bombarded by an abundance of EMR from the obvious high power lines, cell phones, radio waves, household appliances, and not so obvious sources such as the clock and lamp at the bedside, even when turned off. As a result of this exposure, we pick up an excess of positive charges which hypothetically could cause or contribute to disease by producing inflammation related to free radicals.
The authors propose that a simple way to reduce the effects of this exposure is to become "grounded," much like the electric circuitry within the home is wired to be grounded to the earth. they explain that with grounding, the body is infused with negatively-charged free electrons that stem the positively-charged free radicals and this shuts down inflammation. They believe that inflammation is driven by a deficiency of electrons in the body as a result of people living in an ungrounded state, since most of us do not have direct contact with the earth, such as our ancient ancestors did before modern housing, bedding and shoes came into play. The easiest way to become grounded is to simply stand with bare feet on the earth, but they have also devised several other ways to do with for those who do not have ready access to direct contact with the earth or would like to do this for prolonged periods while sleeping. for example.
They have performed studies and provide a number of interesting anecdotal reports of how this might help.
For those who are concerned about the effects of EMR and want to learn how to potentially reduce the effects, Earthing makes for interesting reading.

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