Coconut Oil, Ketones and Alzheimer's

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Collecting responses for Dr. Veech

I am putting together an anonymous spreadsheet of people who have contacted me regarding a response (or lack of) to coconut oil and/or MCT oil and/or Axona for the purpose of trying to get funding for Dr. Veech's ketone ester research at the NIH. The specific information I need is the person's age, sex, diagnosis, if known, what forms(s) of the oil they have been using, their response in as much detail as possible, and any side effects, such as diarrhea; also if the cholesterol, triglyceride profile has been checked, the results would be very helpful also. To participate, you can email me back at If you have settled on a particular "dose," that would be helpful to know as well.

The ketone ester will make it possible to get considerably higher levels of ketones than the oils. When I wrote my article "What if there was a cure for AD and no one knew?" the cure I am referring to is the ketones, not so much the coconut oil. Dr. Veech is finishing human toxicity testing this month on healthy subjects, reaching levels about 15 times what were measured with Steve on coconut oil, and there have been no adverse effects. He has also learned that there appears to be more to the ketone effect than just working as an alternative fuel; ketones also appear to be involved with growth of new neurons and nerves. He is able to make about 10 pounds of the ketone ester a week in his lab, but needs funding for a facility to make it in much larger quantity to test in AD, Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases. In the meantime we can use the oils with medium chain triglycerides to produce ketones; the true cure will be the ketone ester itself.


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