Coconut Oil, Ketones and Alzheimer's

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dr. Veech needs an angel

Coconut oil and MCT oil provide relatively low levels of ketosis, however, the ketone ester made and studied in the lab of Dr. Richard Veech can provide levels at least 10 times as high. As noted in the article that is the subject of my previous post, the amount of energy provided to the brain is directly proportional to the level of ketones in the blood. Thus his ketone ester could provide as much as 60% of the brain's energy requirement compared to perhaps 5-10% by MCT oil/coconut oil.

There have been more than 700,000 hits on my website I am pleased that very many people now know that ketones may provide an alternative fuel to glucose in the brain for people with Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases. There must be someone out there who can help provide funding for continuation of Dr. Veech's very important work. He has only enough funding from the NIH to continue the research in his lab and production of the ketone ester until June 2011. He is in need of a charitable or government source of funding to continue just this basic work. He wishes to perform a pilot study of Parkinson's and the ketone ester. This would be a 28 day study. He lacks funding to even begin this short term study. Thereafter, he wishes to study Alzheimer's and this would require $10 to 15 million to manufacture enough ketone ester and fund the clinical trial. Alzheimer's is so complex and symptoms so variable from person to person, as compared to Parkinson's, that a two year study would be required to determine that the ester is effective.

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