Coconut Oil, Ketones and Alzheimer's

Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting the Message Out - Any help is greatly appreciated!

Any help with getting this message out is very much appreciated. You never know who may come across it and then may experience a life changing event for the better. That is why I spend so much time at this and also carry copies of my article and diet guidelines in our car. Hearing about a response like my husband's really makes my day and makes me feel like the effort is worthwhile. I have heard back from and read about very many who have had improvements, some dramatic.

Steve and I make the circuit of the local health food and Asian stores every couple of weeks and they make copies available to their customers. This is how I started getting the message out when I couldn't get people in the media and the Alz Assoc to investigate this and tell people. I tried to get their attention very intensely for the first six weeks after Steve had his dramatic response and still do, but decided after their lack of response that at the very least, I had to go with the grass roots method to tell as many as possible. I could not live with myself, knowing how many could be helped, if I did not try to share this with other people. I suspect that the high profile people I have written to either haven't gotten or grasped the message, or just believe it is too easy to be real and toss it aside. The very long list includes Oprah (many times), Dr. Oz, Michael J. Fox (this may help with Parkinson's as well,) Maria Shriver (who we talked with personally in Washington DC and handed her a copy of my article and several related research papers,) Sandra Day O'Connor, Ellen Degeneres, Jenny McCarthy, David Hyde Pierce, Elizabeth Hasselbach from The View, several different people from the Today Show, many politicians, including Hillary Clinton and Obama,) all of the major nightly news channels, CNN, USA Today and many other newspapers, the producers of the HBO Alzheimer's Project (in person in D.C.)

I do want to mention that the regional newspaper, the St. Petersburg Times, did write up a story about what happened with Steve, and getting the message out grew by leaps and bounds thereafter, so I am very grateful to the editors and the author, Eve Hosley-Moore, for publishing the story last October 29, 2008. It was also then picked up by many groups who have published the information in their newsletters.

Also, to anyone out there who has seen an improvement, it would be very helpful and important to share your story with Dr. Veech to get the funding he needs to study his ketone in Alzheimer's disease. You can either email me details at or directly to Dr. Richard Veech at His email address and other contact information can also be found under the heading of "ketones" in Wikipedia, for anyone who wants to verify his expertise. There are also copies of several of his articles on ketones available to print out on my website


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